Link to a YouTube video concerning the Dialogue Model   https://youtu.be/97r725Q3wpw

Professionals are in need of an evidence based and useable method to optimize connection with patients/clients. Agreement upon what’s going on what needs to be done facilitates the care process and maximizes a positive outcome. The Dialogue Model is an evidence based universal useable method to deal with multiple, complex health care problems. No matter what kind of problems, assessment procedures, environmental complexity, and disciplines involved the same format can be used. Patients/clients are easily getting acquainted with the Dialogue Model method. The use of it stimulates their active participation and helps to match the treatment to their preferences, values and needs. The professional tries to combine both the professional and lay perspectives and checks regularly if everyone understands each other well. The Dialogue Model can be used from referral to follow up.

Dialogue in understandable language

The professional not only talks with patients/clients about what hinders them but also what helps them, where they get stuck and what they can manage well. Explicitly strengths, talents, capacities and own skills and knowledge are given attention. After all, these aspects often offer points of action for treatment.

The dialogical approach and use of plain language instead of jargon enhance the active participation of patients/clients and herewith the mutual cooperation and connection.