About us


Jac Maurer (on the right) has been working as a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and tutor in child & adolescent and adult psychiatry and is retired since december 2015.

George Westermann (on the left) has been working as a child and adolescent psychiatrist and psychotherapist at Child and Adolescent Mental Health Departments in Heerlen, Rotterdam en Sittard. He also has been working as a tutor, medical manager and physician director.

We have regularly published about our work, were involved in Dialogue Model research activities and still give Dialogue Model training courses in the Netherlands and Belgium.

We developed the Dialogue Model in our daily work with children, adolescents and their families who consulted us because of complex psychiatric problems. Particularly in the counselling and shared decision-making phase the intervention ‘Counselling in Dialogue’ part of the Dialogue Model method was studied in a randomized controlled trial and proofed to be significantly helpful in the counselling and decision-making process (Westermann et. al. 2013).
In the meanwhile the Dialogue Model is applied in other health care fields, particularly primary care and chronic care and also in adult mental health care.

If you have got any questions, want more information or want to start a dialogue with us, please contact us by info@dialoogmodel.nl.