Good care demands interplay

dialoogfiguur-enThe Dialogue Model is a method to enhance connection, agreement and cooperation between patients/clients and professionals in case of multiple, complex health care problems. The method has been developed and studied in youth mental health care.  Currently it is being applied as well in other health care settings, such as in primary and chronic care. A dialogical approach, plain language and a visualisation aid characterize the method. The method helps to increase the participants understanding of the actual (medical) needs and strengths.

The framework, presented as a graphic interface, connects two perspectives: on one hand the perspective of those in need of care and on the other hand a thorough multi-theoretical professional perspective.

The procedure strengthens the connection between all participants as well as their autonomy and competence. It also enhances mutual confidence and partnership, both essential basic aspects of effective care. Using the Dialogue Model, those who seek care consider themselves better understood, seen and acknowledged in their needs, personal values and preferences. The insight and overview offer them a hopeful guidance and outlook for change.

Throughout the whole care process the Dialogue Model supports with: